Cafe, Bar, Restaurant, Hotel


SINCE 2006

In the heart of Zürich

The Kafischnaps is a Bar-Cafe located right on the boarder of the two boroughs Wipkingen and Unterstrass. Traditional barculture is mixing with a cosmolitan lifestyle, hipsters share a table with nerds, toddlers have their babyccino and even your mother would feel at home with us. The Kafischnaps is local and global at the same time: the cafe around the corner, where you meet for your bloody mary with the shades on or to have the first afterwork drink. And the pension as a hub for you cosmopolites who want to explore Zürich from the inside out, not from the tourist perspective.

Eat and drink

What’s your choice? A three minute egg with a chai tee? Birchermüesli with Schümli Pflümli? Spread or Kafi Riche? Soup, milkcoffee, apple-juice spritzer

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Spending the night

Within our pension you’ll find five rooms designed by artists from Zürich. The bathroom is shared, but who want’s to spend time there if Zürich is waiting outside.

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